Our goal is to understand and honor the unique culture of each business or organization, while developing a clear picture of what the client wants to accomplish.


INTERIM CEO & CFO / Transition Engagements

Executive leadership support and continuity during a short-term disability or the loss of a key executive. Give yourself time to find the perfect candidate with an interim engagement. Ongoing CFO consultation services available as needed on a flexible schedule and structure that meets your budget.

EARNINGS, Growth &
performance review

An independent review of your institution’s performance can identify specific opportunities to enhance earnings and build capital. Includes actionable ideas, tactics and guidance for the leadership team to support strategic initiatives for organic growth in your markets.


Consideration of buying or selling requires a thoughtful assessment of your readiness and capabilities for success. Maximize the value of your institution by understanding the key drivers to optimize sale price and weaknesses or gaps that will reduce value. Financial analysis of the risks and opportunities of proposed transactions is only one element of the equation. A comprehensive view includes advance due diligence, key contract evaluation, executive and employee retention, pro forma financial modeling, cost savings, management assessment & compensation review, accounting considerations, systems and organizational integration, loan and credit review, funding & investments. Add a seasoned expert to your team to avoid costly surprises and to be better prepared for M&A activity.